ice spiders

Windows are glistening with crystalline sun through window-ice; the last gasps of 2009 in reflection. I’m feeling a bit smug…the improvements done around here have transmitted into pure joy! and I am Deeply Thankful for the wild ride of a year, complete with a few new thermo pane replacement windows, a freshly leveled & flood resistant driveway, garden musing replacing stumps and ruts removed from the “front yard”, a woodshed built with salavaged material …. and Gregor here sharing some “down time”. We are (he is) hanging curtains, and expecting company for the weekend to share in all this cozyness. Two of his three little boys, Mathew and Andrew will return for more fort building, and dinner for the last night of this year will be seasoned with love, champagne, and apple juice.

Andrew, Mathew and Adair '08
Andrew, Mathew and Adair '08

Cheers to sharing an inspiring year ahead ! and thanks to you all for visiting, sharing work and friendship.

photo by Derek Cooper  food stylist Ruth Gangbar

photographer    Derek Cooper

food stylist         Ruth Gangbar

prop stylist         Laura Branson

client                  County Grapevine Magazine

liner notes

Winter is in the air but not on the ground, yet it’s time to be tinkering with turkey again.

photography by Rob Fiocca
photography by Rob Fiocca food styling by Ruth Gangbar

Rob Fiocca makes great food images; we also “break bread” at studio snack time in a glorious, real food style. You really do have to love food to make pictures of food that sing….and it makes us all very happy (and well fed) on set each day to share (and gently compete) for breakfast-making accolades.

It’s also warming to know that the Nook, my little cottage hideaway, will have guests soon, despite the hike and the cold.  Lynn & Michael are returning with their dog Arthur, and promise to send me pictures to post in my Doggie Guestbook, “once processed”. They take photos with film; a nostalgia in this time of digital captures, and the catapults of techno must-do’s.

Now comfortably on the other side of a nasty computer crash (thanks to uber-neighbour Pat L for all the help !) , I am finally laptopping again…between photo shoots, leaf rakings, and recipe testings….hmmm baked beans). But that unplugged feeling remains close at hand; it makes me especially thankful to be online (and also off-line…but when I choose so).

photography by Rob Fiocca food styling by Ruth Gangbar

But hey….Is anybody looking for a Winter getaway? My friend Stefano Barbera took the shot ( below) last New Years when snuggled in for a week with a friend. Are you possibly a writer looking for a place to spend some quiet time away from it all ? (Book early, and the turkey might also be included…winter picnic style).

Don’t forget to thank a farmer… and stay warm everybody.

photo by Stefano Barbero
photo by Stefano Barberoa