a dash of Xmas


Here are some images that speak of the season at hand, from a feature I styled last December 2010 with James Tse, for the current  Holiday issue of Food & Drink, available now in your favourite liquor stores ! That snowy bliss seen through the window was the real deal…at a rustic log cabin cabin setting in Baysville, Ontario. Notice that fabulous antler chandelier ? It was brought to the location by my friend and prop stylist-extraordinaire, Shelly Shnier, and held in place by a grip stand and chains positioned just so, with more than a little engineering from James and his team. Can you see them?

(Here’s the crop that is running on the Food & Drink website …)



Just in case you didn’t already know it, transporting camera gear, props, and food to any location is a big deal in any weather. But add a freak snowstorm, and a few more details I mentioned earlier here…. and you’ve really got your hands full. Suffice to say that we’re all pleased to see the results looking soooo beautiful. It looks enchanting, and it was as much an exercise in grace under pressure as we’ve (or at least I’ve) ever been victorious over (for work, at least).


I’m missing a few food pictures…you’ll just have to flip to “Boxing Day Specials” on page 155. (I also styled “Pop Culture, Weekend Wonders, Thank You, Ginger, At the Ready, In the Pink,and Taking it Slow”.)


Everyone paddled their hardest to beat the fading light on both the days we were there, but here’s another shout-out to assistants Kareen and Ron, who never faded amidst their toughest performance of the year.

And in case anyone is asking what I’d like from Santa, why yes, one of those Hudson Bay blankets would do quite smartly. Now THAT’S Canadian (even though they’re made in the U.K by a fine company called  Hainsworth , who also makes everything from snooker and pool table cloths to firefighter fabrics, so it’s fine by me).

Just for fun, check these out…One Blanket Ten Designers. These coats are amongst ten originals designs for “a little something special” to help celebrate that Winter Olymics in style. These are designed by (left to right) by SmytheHarricana, and Comrags.  Enjoy the days ahead, and stay cool warm…and try to remember the reason for the season, and keep it real.


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  1. You’ve convinced me! I will embrace Christmas this year and all the work that goes with organizing the trimmings. I have to confess, I usually have my tree up by now (the day after Remembrance Day is my trigger date) but this year I just haven’t rallied.

    I am sensing that I am the very first to comment on your blog – so fun, so beautiful with all your food styling triumphs. Glad that we have a chance to ‘Ooh and Aah’.

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